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Welcome to the Ozaman Center, a place for hope and prosperity! To begin orientation, we would like to inform you how, when and why our shelter was created.

The Center is a homeless shelter that serves individuals and families in the area in need emergency housing assistance. It is located on a six-acre site, which is the property of the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, and has a maximum capacity of 200 people.


Our sincere appretiation to: United Way, The City of Brownsville, Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, Community Agencies, State and Federal Entities as well as private fundations, Volunteers adn the community in general to participate in our program.
We would not have been able to provide these services without your support.
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  • Homeless guest:1,466
  • Bags of Food Distributed:7,536
  • Meals Served:47,926
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  • Homeless guest:1,652
  • Bags of food Distributed:4,731
  • Meals Served:50,739
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    The Bishop Enrique San Pedro, OZANAM CENTER, INC., is organized and operated exclusively for the charitable purpose to maintain a coperative service of assistance to those in need by: View More

  • BISHOP ENRIQUE SAN PEDRO; OZANAM CENTER To beatify someone does not mean to erect a statue of the person; on the contrary, according to the Latin etymology (beatificare), it means: to make happy. Indeed in beatifying Frederic Ozanam, the Church solemnly proclaims in the light of God and for all eternity, to all of Christendom, and all youth in particular, the sanctity of the principal founder of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. View More

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